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  • Get On The Bus


    Offers free roundtrip transportation for children and their caregivers to visit family in prison. Provides teddy bears, travel bags, comfort care bags, photos of children with family, and letters from family. Includes meals.

  • Support Services


    Offers support services to visitors before and after visits at California State prison through Visitor Centers. Also offers family liaison services for support and assistance to incarcerated individuals.Visitor Center provides the following: Childcare Transportation Appropriate clothing Information and resourcesFamily Liaison Services- acts as a li...

  • California Men's Colony Visitation

    Agency: California Men's Colony

    Important Visiting InformationVisitors are expected to dress appropriately and maintain a standard of conduct during visiting that is not offensive to others. Consistent with the goal of making visiting a safe, positive, constructive time for families and staff, the following standards shall apply:Prohibited attire consists of: Clothing that resemb...

  • Friends Outside Visiting Center

    Agency: Friends Outside Visiting Center

    Emergency assistance, crisis intervention, information, referrals, transportation for visitors for visitors of California Men's Colony.

  • Get On The Bus

    Agency: Center for Restorative Justice Works

    This program offers free transportation for the children and their caregivers to the prison.  Each child is provided a travel bag, photo with his/her parent, and meals for the day. On the trip home, a teddy bear with a letter from their parent and post-event counseling is done. 

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