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  • Success First

    Agency: Victor Community Support Services - San Bernardino

    Provides services to keep children in their family settings, schools and their communities that include individual and family therapy, family team meetings, strengths and needs assessment, advocacy in school, 24 hour support, rehabilitation, case management, and assistance with community resources.

  • Success First

    Agency: Victor Community Support Services - Victorville

    Offers services to maintain at-risk children in family settings, schools and in their communities. Services may include individual family therapy, family team meetings, advocacy in school, 24 hour support and case management. 

  • Older Adult Community Services

    Agency: West End Family Counseling Services

    Provides in-home and community based assistance for seniors with difficulties accessing mental health services, and specialized training for other service providers. Counseling addresses wellness assistance, safety access to transportation, social isolation, or suicide prevention.

  • Childrens Intensive Services

    Agency: South Coast Community Services

    Provides in-home services including case management, individual and family therapy and psychiatry.

  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services

    Agency: Mental Health Systems

    Provides a short term voluntary in-home and community based service that assists individuals with moderate to severe behavioral problems in maintaining current placement or transitioning successfully to a lower level of care.

  • Children's Intensive Services

    Agency: Victor Community Support Services - West San Bernardino

    Provides home-based mental health services to children who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or higher level of care and need crisis stabilization. 

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