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  • Federally Qualified Health Center

    Agency: Social Action Community Health System

    This program provides low cost health care for families, infants and adults. Services include prenatal care and other women's services, immunization and physical exams.

  • General Health Care

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties

    This program provides general health care services for the following: anemia testing cholesterol screening, hepatitis A vaccine, high blood pressure screening and smoking cessation.

  • Health Clinic

    Agency: LaSalle Medical Associates

    This clinic provides general outpatient medical care and health screening services and exams. Includes blood pressure , diabetes, sexually transmitted disease, tuberculosis testing, hearing and eye evaluation, and geriatric assessment.

  • Health Clinic

    Agency: Rialto Unified School District

    This clinic provides: Well baby exams Physicals Tuberculosis Skin Test Evaluation and treatment of non-emergency illness Follow-up care Referrals Health education Immunizations

  • Medical Services

    Agency: Inland Family Community Health Center

    This clinic offers pre-employment and sport physical exams, T.B. screening, pregnancy testing, family planning, STD testing/treatment, immunizations and newborn exams, CHDP (Well Child Care), full pediatric care, WIC Referrals (Women, Infants & Child), lead testing, blood pressure monitoring, flu shots, diabetes management, patient education and c...

  • Medical Clinic

    Agency: Al-Shifa Clinic

    This community clinic offers general laboratory testing, immunizations, health education, Internal Medicine, and OB/GYN services.

  • Montclair Medical Clinic

    Agency: City of Montclair

    This clinic provides treatment and preventative medical care. physicals (school, sport, and personal); immunizations, lice, high blood pressure screening; treatment of diabetes, infections; and lab services.

  • Pediatric Care

    Agency: Pomona Community Health Center

    This program provides immunizations, health screenings and physical exams, health maintenance visits forĀ child care, developmental assessments, limited lab work, vision hearing screenings, health education, referrals for specialized care and for insurance/safety net payment programs.

  • Public Health Clinics

    Agency: San Bernardino County Department of Public Health

    The Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) provide confidential health services. Services include: Primary Care Reproductive Health Sexually Transmitted Infection HIV Immunizations Tuberculosis Treatment and Testing Maternal Health Cancer Detection Cervical Cancer Screening Prostate Cancer Screening Services vary at clinic ...

  • SAC Health System Clinic

    Agency: Social Action Community Health System

    This clinic provides primary care, well woman care, children's physicals, pregnancy testing, mammograms, immunizations for children and prenatal care.

  • CHC- San Miguel

    Agency: Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHC)

    CHC extending hospitality and care to the disadvantaged of the community of San Miguel. Offering summer meals when children are out of school, social and medical service, youth programs, and continuance of existing program's (such as WIC).

  • Dental and Medical Services

    Agency: Community Health Systems

    Provides medical services and offers general dentistry.Transportation is available.

  • Family and Community Medicine

    Agency: Metropolitan Family Medical Clinics

    This program offers flu shots and physicals, mammograms and more.Complimentary transportation is available.

  • General Medical Services

    Agency: East Valley Community Health Center

    This program offers basic medical services including adult and pediatric medicine, sexually transmitted infection and HIV testing.

  • Inland Family Community Health Center

    Agency: Inland Behavioral and Health Services

    This health center provides outpatient health services.

  • Medical Services

    Agency: Whitney Young Family Health Clinic

    This clinic offers: Pre-employment and sport physical exams Tuberculosis screening Pregnancy testing Family planning STD testing/treatment Immunizations Newborn exams CHDP (Well Child Care) Pediatric care WIC Referrals (Women, Infants & Child) Lead testing Blood pressure monitoring Diabetes management Patient education ...

  • Medical Center

    Agency: CompCare Medical Group

    This program provides pediatric, dermatology, adult/geriatrics, sports medicine, cardiology, gynecology, and family planning.

  • Morongo Basin Healthcare District

    This program provides basic health care including physical examinations, immunizations, family planning, diet and nutrition, diagnosis and treatment of common ailments, specialty care, Hep-C. Also available comprehensive diabetes management program and transitional care program from hospital to home for patients with chronic disease.

  • Pediatric and Children Services

    Agency: Metropolitan Family Medical Clinics

    This program provides basic health care including physical examinations, immunizations, nutrition assistance and diagnosis and treatment of common ailments. Complimentary transportation is available.

  • Pediatric and Children Services

    Agency: Golden Shore Medical

    This program provides physical exams, immunizations, nutrition assistance, and diagnosis and treatment of common ailments.

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