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  • Children's Mental Health Clinic

    Kinship Center Mental Health Clinic provides outpatient services to vulnerable youth in foster, adoptive and kin-care relationships. Psychological and psychiatric services, occupational therapy, individual, family and group counseling.

    Organization Info:

    Agency: Kinship Center

    Languages Available: English

    Intake and Eligibility: Children with San Luis Obispo County Medi-Cal or who are eligible through the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP).
    Ages 0-18, special circumstance to age 21.
    Eligible children may be foster, adoption, Kin-care with permanency plan.
    A child adopted from a county other than San Luis Obispo County may be served at the clinic if the county of origin agrees to the host county providing services.

    Areas Served:
    • San Luis Obispo County

    Contact Information:

    • Headquarters (Salinas) :
      • 831-455-9965
    • Headquarters (Salinas) Fax:
      • 831-455-4777
    • Fax:
      • 805-462-8930
    • Business Line:
      • 805-434-2449
    • Main Contact:
    • Website:


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