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  • Pediatric Oncology

    Offers a transportation assistance fund for families who have a child with cancer. Includes transportation expenses such as:

    • Mileage
    • Airfare
    • Lodging when a child needs to stay near the hospital for treatment
    Also offers an emergency assistance fund per year to families who have a child that has been an inpatient or away from home for 30 consecutive days within the past three months. Assistance may be used for:
    • Mortgage
    • Rent
    • Utility payments
    • Childcare
    • Car expenses
    • Health insurance premiums
    • Treatment-related expenses

    Organization Info:


    Languages Available: English

    Payment Description: No fee

    Intake and Eligibility: Child must be:
    -Diagnosed with cancer. If child has a brain tumor, the tumor must be high grade (III or IV), or anaplastic to be eligible.
    -Diagnosed on or before his/her 18th birthday and treated before his/her 21st birthday.
    -Citizen of the United States, or reside in the United States with an I-551 card (green card) for 12 months without prior history of the current illness.

    The guardian applying for assistance must have less than $5,000 in easily accessible bank accounts.

    Areas Served:
    • County

    Contact Information:


    • Broadway
      500 North Broadway
      Saint Louis, MO 63102

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